The Strategy Designer is the place where you can personalize your technical analysis settings. 

Access this feature by selecting "Strategies" in the sidebar menu.

There, you can create and find your own strategies under "my strategies". Purchased strategies from the marketplace are found in the "market strategies" tab.

The levers


Press "create a strategy" to get started. To maximize the value you and the community can draw from your strategy, we want users to choose an appropriate name, describe how the strategy can best be used and upload an image in the left sidebar.

Once you have named the strategy, added a description and inserted your image, it's time to start filling in the parameters. 


The first thing you will see is the "Indicators", where you can find and configure a wide a selection of professional trading indicators. To get an overview and a better understanding of these options read more here.

When selecting an indicator, you can decide on the (1) "chart period", whether it will give  (2) "buy" or "sell" signals, the (3) candle period and for how (4) many candles you want the indicator to stay active.

Additionally, you can choose to make any indicator "necessary", meaning it will only trigger the signal when its conditions are met at the same time as the conditions of your other chosen indicators. This can be done by clicking on the exclamation mark ''!''. 

Candle Patterns

With candle patterns, you can directly respond to price movements from the chart data of the exchange. We have over 80 candle patterns that let you fully automate chart analysis like never before. 

As with our indicators, candle patterns can be adjusted with the same options described above for indicators.   

Copy existing indicator

Copy any of the indicators according to your liking. 

Remove indicator

Remove any of the selected indicators at the click of a button. 

Test your strategy

Quickly test your newly created strategy against historical data to see how it would have performed. 

Code (JSON)

For our more experienced and tech-savvy users, there is also the option to tweak the JSON code of the strategy. 

Manage the strategy


When you have selected several indicators, they will appear on the screen in a list. You can change them by clicking on the indicator.

A menu will open giving you the chance to adjust any of the specified parameters, namely "Chart period", "Signal type (buy/sell)", "necessary (yes/no)", TA-specific settings and the duration of the signal. 

Another option to manage the overall strategy is the levers at the bottom. With these, you can decide on "Minimum buy signals" and "Minimum sell signals".

In other words, it allows you to decide how many of the conditions of your "buy" or "sell" indicators have to be met in conjunction.

If you, for instance, have 4 indicators that signal "buys" and you set this option to "minimum 2" signals (out of 4 indicators), your bot will only respond when two of the indicators show "buy" signals. 

You can also determine how long the buy or sell signal should stay per indicator, you can do this by choosing the number of candles.