Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

DCA or, Dollar Cost Averaging is a tool to mitigate potential bags. When selected the hopper will create a new order for the double amount of the total of a currency, when the oldest position is older than the configured amount of time, the percentage trigger triggers and the max number of retries has not been reached. After the DCA order completes, all positions of the currency will be merged and a new weighted average price is calculated. The new average price will be used for creating the following DCA order. When a DCA position is being sold, the max number of retries count will reset.


DCA configuration


DCA after X time open
Select the timeframe after you want DCA orders for positions to be created.

DCA max retries
The maximum of DCA orders that may be created for a specific coin. The count is resetted after every successfull sell of a DCA order.

DCA set percentage
Configure the percentage after which you want the DCA feature to place a new order. When the average price falls this percentage, a trigger will be placed to create a new DCA order. Enter a positive number, for example: 4.5 (%)

DCA buy immediately
Select if you want to trigger the buy immediately when the configured percentage loss hits or just let the DCA feature buy the coin when your strategy signals a buy for the coin. Watch out, when this is enabled the hopper will buy without using any strategy and could buy at an unfavorable time.


DCA in your output

The DCA tool can give certain messages in your output, such as:

  • Checking DCA for coin: (checks if DCA is allowed to happen)
  • Enabling DCA for coin: (allows for DCA trades to happen)
  • Checking with percentage: (Checks if the percentage difference has been met)
  • Percentage trigger not met: (the percentage drop indicated has not been met, so DCA won't activate)
  • Percentage difference is X: (checks the current price percentage and sees if this will allow for a DCA trade)


Are you experiencing any problems with DCA? Here are some questions to help you resolve most issues with DCA.

  • Do you have enough allocated amount (BTC) to double or triple up?
  • Is the hopper enabled? Is buying enabled?
  • Has the configured time passed? If so, is the percentage (%) loss hit?
  • Do you have a config pool enabled? Maybe you have different settings in your config pool.
  • Do you have triggers that disable buying?
  • If not buying immediately, was there a signal from your strategy for the currency?
  • Normally when you have multiple positions for the same coin, the DCA will merge them all and continue using the default settings of your base config. If you only have one open position for a specific coin, then it will continue to use the settings of the signaler