The DCA option tells the Hopper to buy more of a loss-making coin (it will triple your holding) to try to trade out of the loss. This is a high-risk option so use with care! Check the documentation for more info.

DCA after X time open

Select the timeframe after you want DCA orders for positions to be created.

DCA max retries

The maximum of DCA orders that may be created for a specific coin. The count is resetted after every successfull sell of a DCA order.

DCA set percentage trigger

Configure the percentage after which you want the DCA feature to place a new order. When the average price falls this percentage, a trigger will be placed to create a new DCA order. Enter a positive number, for example: 4.5 (%)

DCA buy immediately

Select if you want to trigger the buy immediately when the configured percentage loss hits or just let the DCA feature buy the coin when your strategy signals a buy for the coin. Watch out, when this is enabled the hopper will buy without using any strategy and could buy at an unfavorable time.

DCA order size

Select if you want to place an order for the same amount your currently having for a currency and doubling your total (Double down) or if you want to place an order for double the amount you're currently having, therefor tripling in total size (Triple down).

Troubleshooting DCA

If you feel like DCA should have triggered but it hasn't, make sure that if you have DCA buy immediately disabled, your TA has actually signaled a buy, otherwise your hopper won't buy straight away