Base config

Here we will explain the base config set up details of your Hopper. If you prefer watching a video about the base config to get an idea how it looks like, that's possible!

Config Pools Config Pools allow you to create settings that apply specifically to one coin, or one coin group. This will override the base config settings.
Live bot If you just want to test if your bot works, without trading, disable this option. Your output shows what your hopper is trying to do, including possible errors, without actually trading.
Note: Live bot off does not mean that trades are mimicked. You will not see ''trades'' in your trade history view.

Choose the exchange of your choice and paste the public and secret API key. If you’re using Kraken, you will need to paste 2 API keys with a nonce window of 1 million. You don’t need to give us permission to withdraw, but only to trade. That way, your funds are safe on the exchange you choose.

Please note it may take up to 24 hours before the exchange has approved the API connection.

Base currency Select the currency you’ve funded your account with. We recommend using fiat currencies like dollar or euro if you’re new to trading with our Hopper. It’s easier to make profit with a stable currency versus the volatile currencies. If your exchange only accepts crypto's, you can choose USDT as well. This is the crypto version of the US Dollar.
Allowed coins

One of the most important choices. Which coins are you going to trade with? Please choose them wisely. We recommend to trade in coins you’ve researched. We recommend you trade in coins which have intrinsic value.



Select your trading strategy. If you want to trade using signals, select "No strategy, external signals only." Please read the special document we have created about strategies to learn more. You can find this document by pressing on "strategies'' in the column on the left.

Number of targets to buy

This determines how many targets can be bought at the same time. This does not influence how many positions you can have!

Imagine your technical analysis signals to buy LTC, BTC and ETH at the same time. If this setting is set to 1, only one of these coins will be bought. If set to three, all three will be bought.

Learn more about your hoppers buy settings

Sell based on strategy If you enable 'sell based on strategy', your positions will be sold regardless of trailing stop loss or percentage profit settings when your multiple TA triggers a sell. Be careful with this setting because enabling this could result in positions being sold with loss. 
Advanced settings If you're trading using technical indicators, please make sure to fill in your advanced TA settings. These will tell your bot exactly at what thresholds it will be buying or selling. Note: The grey numbers are default but must be typed in. Your bot will not work if you have not inserted these figures.
What you could do with your advanced TA settings (example as explanation):

Enable: Stochastic, Stoch RSI and RSI Oversold and make them all necessary. 
Candle size: 5 minutes. One thing to watch out for are the "Oversold Thresholds". How big dips do you want to buy? 

NOTE: These are examples of how your hopper would react. This is not financial advice. If you want to learn more check out our Strategies page. If you do not know how these technical indicators work, we recommend you to do your research. You can share configurations with our users on the forum or our Telegram and Discord chat.

Do not ask CH staff for advice on these settings. We are not allowed to give financial advice.

To buy medium dips we advice these oversold thresholds:
Stoch Oversold Treshold: 35
Stoch RSI Oversold Treshold: 35
RSI Oversold Treshold: 35
If you want to play it really conservative and you only want to buy the really large dips use these thresholds:
Stoch Oversold Treshold: 20
Stoch RSI Oversold Treshold: 20
RSI Oversold Treshold: 30
The lower the oversold thresholds, the more conservative.
  If you want your Hopper to buy more aggressively and fewer dips, fill in higher numbers like:
Stoch Oversold Treshold: 45
Stoch RSI Oversold Treshold: 45
RSI Oversold Treshold: 45
Percentage profit

How much profit do you want to make per Hop? Keep in mind, there are transaction costs totaling 0.3%(on most exchanges). So the minimum percentage profit should be around 0.35%. We advise to fill in a percentage from 1 - 3%. You can also “Hold” Coins, meaning holding your coins for a longer period. Just switch off selling or fill in a ridiculously high percentage profit amount.

Note: The step rule for percentage profit is at 0.01, you can determine the value in 2 decimals.

Use ticker rate

This determines whether your hopper will buy and sell from the order book (Highest bid/Lowest ask) Or if it will place orders based on the last sell/ask made on the exchange. This is what ''last tick'' means.


If you choose to use last tick if higher/lower, your hopper will only use the last ticker rate if it is beneficial.

Cooldown When you enable cooldown you can configure your hopper to ignore buy signals within the cooldown period after a buy or sell. You can configure if you want to enable cooldown after every sell, buy or both. 
Percentage lower bid and higher ask You can configure the hopper to always bid a bit lower than the given signal or found target (Lower Bid) and/or configure the hopper to always ask a higher price when selling then what you were originally going to sell it for. Always make sure to enter as a positive number 0.5 for 0.5% 1 for 1% etc.
Warning. This could result in failed trades.
Arbitrage A nice feature for our users with a Pro package. Arbitrage refers to the process of instantly trading one or more pairs of currencies or odds for a nigh risk-free profit. This is usually done between exchanges, but we are able to do it on one. Bittrex and Poloniex are the best for Arbitrage trading since they have a lot of coins you can trade. The risk is when arbitrage isn’t fulfilled and you’re stuck with coins your strategy wouldn't have bought. Enable "Arbitrage only allowed coins" to arbitrage trade only with coins you've selected in your allowed coins list.

If you wish to know more about arbitrage, please watch our academy video about the subject here

Stop loss

Only use this option if you know what you’re doing! Your coins will be sold with a loss if their percentage profit goes lower than the percentage configured. This is an interesting option if you trade with the help of external advisors. 

Note: The step rule for percentage profit is at 0.01, you can determine the value in 2 decimals.

Trailing stop-loss

Trailing stop-loss is different than a normal stop-loss setting. With normal stop-loss, if you set the percentage to 6%, the currency will be sold with a loss if it goes down more than 6%. With trailing stop-loss, it will track the price upwards and arm to sell every time it hits your chosen "arm trailing stop loss" percentage. Then, if it ever drops by your chosen "trailing stop loss" percentage, it will automatically sell. This ensures that your hopper does not miss the opportunity of big gain, while still being alert for a sudden drop of price.

Below you can find how to control this 

Arm trailing stop-loss 

If you only want to let the stop-loss trail up when it is going to make a profit, then you should arm (enable) the trailing stop-loss at a certain percentage. The arm trailing stop-loss setting is for when the trailing stop-loss should start trailing, for example when the price is 2% up. 

Use trailing stop-loss only

When selected, the percentage profit setting of the position and your config will be ignored and the position will be sold when the trailing stop-loss is triggered.

Reset stop-loss after failed orders

When enabled this will reset the trailing stop-loss after a trailing stop-loss sell order is cancelled/timed out.

Note: When this is turned on a new trailing stop loss will start after manually cancelling the order.

If you wish to get a better idea of what TSL is all about, please watch our short video regarding TSL here

Note: The step rule for percentage profit is at 0.01, you can determine the value in 2 decimals.

Only sell with profit One of the most annoying things that can happen on Cryptohopper is when your trailing stop-loss sells your position with a loss. This could happen when your arm percentage was reached, the position tanks, and your hopper tries to sell regardless of the profit percentage. With this feature, your TSL won't sell at a loss!
Trailing stop-buy With trailing stop-buy, you can trail the trends downwards before your hopper places a buy order. Trailing stop-buy will track the currency price and will trail the price of the asset downwards and will buy when the price goes up more than the configured trailing stop-buy percentage. This feature only works with buys from strategy, DCA and manual buys, not with signals.
Note: Be careful using this option in a bear market. It has the potential to leave you with bags. 
This option is not recommended for inexperienced users.
TSB only 1 coin There are some scenarios where your hopper will have multiple buy orders for one coin (most notably in combination with trailing stop-buy). To prevent this, turn this option on!
Hold assets when new target is the same When enabled, coins will not be sold when the percentage profit is reached if there is a buy signal for the same coin.
Only buy when there are positive pairs If this option is enabled the hopper will not buy when none of your coins in your selected coins list has had a positive change in the last 24 hours.
Auto close positions within time When this option is enabled the hopper will auto close positions after a given time period, ranging from 5 minutes to 6 months
Warning. This could result in bags being sold with loss.
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA / Martingale)

DCA can be used to get you out of some bad positions.

When selected the hopper will create a new order for the double amount of the total of a position, when the oldest position is older than the configured amount of time, the percentage trigger triggers and the max number of retries has not been reached. After the DCA order completes, all positions of the currency will be merged and a new weighted average price is calculated. The new average price will be used for creating the following DCA order. When a DCA position is being sold, the max number of retries count will reset.

DCA after X time open

Select the timeframe after you want DCA orders for positions to be created.

DCA max retries

The maximum of DCA orders that may be created for a specific coin. The count is reset after every successful sell of a DCA order.

DCA set percentage

Configure the percentage after which you want the DCA feature to place a new order. When the average price falls this percentage, a trigger will be placed to create a new DCA order. Enter a positive number, for example: 4.5 (%)

DCA buy immediately 

Select if you want to trigger the buy immediately when the configured percentage loss hits or just let the DCA feature buy the coin when your strategy signals a buy for the coin. Watch out, when this is enabled the hopper will buy without using any strategy and could buy at an unfavorable time.


This is a powerful tool and not recommended for inexperienced users, if you still wish to use DCA and get to know it watch our video about it here

Max open time buy/sell When your hopper places an order, how long does it have to wait untill it's fulfilled? When the time is over, it will remove its order and create a new order when it's strategy tells it to.
Amount per position

In this area, you can adjust how much funds your Hopper should use per position. Watch closely that it matches your funds. If you select a minimum order of 100 dollars, but you have 99 dollars on your account, your Hopper will say it doesn’t have enough funds. Fill in how big your positions should be. You can leave Maximum allocated amount empty if you want your Hopper to use your total balance or type an amount you want your Hopper to use.


Your max allocated amount only takes the amount CH invests into account. Synchronized positions do not count towards this max allocated amount! 

If you want to learn more about max allocated amount, check out our video here

    • Reset position after closed short

When enabled new open positions, after short positions are closed, will start at 0% profit instead of using the profit of the short position.

    • Restore position after short

When enabled the original settings of the open position are restored when a short position is closed and the position is being opened again.

    • Automatic shorting

This will enable your hopper to automatically open short positions.

    • Max open short positions

The number of maximum open short positions your hopper may have. The more open short positions, the longer it will take for your hopper to check these positions.

    • Open short based on strategy

When enabled short positions will be opened when your strategy signals a sell. This will override the setting: sell with strategy.

    • Close short based on strategy

When enabled short positions will be closed when your strategy signals a buy.

    • Always short instead of sell

When enabled short positions will be opened when an open position gets sold with profit, autoclose, stop-loss or trailing stop-loss.

    • Shorting percentage profit

Enter the percentage of profit you want to make on each short. Whenever a short position over this percentage, the short position will be closed.

    • Use actual profit

When enabled the actual profit calculation is used for percentage profit calculation and for the trailing stop-short.

    • Trailing stop-short

This will trail the profit percentage downwards, tracking a short position that is gaining until the price starts to go up again, after which the position is closed and the funds are bought back.

    • Only when Trailing stop short is enabled: Trailing stop-short percentage

Enter the trailing stop-short percentage. For example 1.5 (%). If the currency then goes up with 1.5% or more the trailing stop-short will go in effect with this percentage.

    • Only when Trailing stop short is enabled: Arm trailing stop-short at

Enter the percentage you want the trailing stop-short to start trailing. For example, start trailing at 3 (%)

    • Only when Trailing stop short is enabled: Use trailing stop-short only

When enabled this will disable the take profit percentage and only use the trailing stop-short to close a short position.

    • Only when Auto close within time is enabled: Auto close shorts within time

If enabled the hopper will automatically close short positions after X time.

    • Only when Auto close within time is enabled: Close shorts after X time open

When enabled short positions will be opened when your strategy signals a sell. This will override the setting: sell with strategy.

    • Only when Auto remove shorts within time is enabled: Auto remove shorts within time

If enabled the hopper will automatically remove short positions after X time.

    • Only when Auto remove shorts within time is enabled: Remove shorts after X time open

Select the timeframe after you want short positions to be automatically removed.

    • Do not buy back on loss

When enabled short positions will be removed instead of bought back when the signal comes in to close the position, and the short position has not made any profit.

    • Ignore max open positions

When enabled the max open positions number is ignored when a short position is closed and bought back. Please note this does not allow for opening more short positions through automatic shorting, and is only about closing the already shorted positions.

In a nutshell, this is the brain of your Hopper. Do your best to get to know it and always backtest your configs. The basics are simple, but there are a lot of possible configurations. If you have a successful one, please share them on the forum. Watch our video regarding the Base Config of your hopper below!