With the TradingView Chrome extension you can send signals to your hoppers with TradingView alerts. You can also send alerts from TradingView to your hopper with a webhook URL. In this documentation article we will explain how to send alerts with the Chrome TradingView extension.


In order to use the Tradingview Cryptohopper app, make sure to have the following:

Once you have these two, download the Tradingview extension here.

Cryptohopper TradingView extension for Chrome

Setting up the app

Click on the TradingView icon in the top-right corner of your browser

a new page will pop-up, this is your alert extension dashboard.
The UI should feel familliar, as it uses the same style CH does!

the tradingview icon in the top right corner of your browser

Click on Connect with Cryptohopper and fill in your Username and Password (We will not be able to read out your password, but it is a neccesary step.)

Once filled in you should see a success message. Make sure that you are logged in to TradingView as well. If all is correct you should see two green dots in the bottom left

Everything is set up correctly!

Styling your alerts

If all set-up is done, we can get to using the app!

Select your hopper ID, the coin you want to trade, and what action needs to be taken.

Click on 'Generate' and a small code will be generated.

Copy this code.

the TradingView extentions alert generator

Adding a Tradingview alert

- Make sure you are logged-in to TradingView

- click on a market you want to trade on

- click on the Alerts tab

- Set your parameters and paste your generated code as the 'Alert message'

the TradingView extension alert generator

Thats it

If all is set-up correctly the hopper will have an open order!

Use this plugin to trade manually and buy / sell completely dependent on the market conditions YOU set-up