configuring your hopper from your mobile phone has never been easier. With the official Cryptohopper app!

the prerequisites

In order to start using the app you will need only a Cryptohopper account!.

Getting the app

If you want the app, make sure to download it for your compatible device

When downloading the app, you will be shown a login screen. You have the option to sign-up through the app, but this process is easier through the Homepage

app sign in page

If you have already logged in and accepted all the permission requests, you will be able to log in with Touch ID! (if your phone supports it).

app login with touch id

Open positions

this lists all open positions of your CURRENT active hopper

in here you can close positions by long-pressing the position. It allows you to

  • sell
  • sell the asset

  • split
  • split the position in 2 equal parts

  • Hold
  • hold the position, so it won't be automatically traded

  • cancel
  • do nothing

cryptohopper all open positions

Manual buy

In this tab you can place manual buy orders, these orders go beyond the regular config, they are being sold by your configured selling strategy though (unless specified differently)

In the manual buying tab, the following can be set

  • Select coin
  • Select the coin you want to manually buy

  • Price
  • Select the price per coin you want to buy the asset for

  • Amount
  • Select the amount of the asset you want to buy

  • Take profit at
  • Select the amount at which you want to take proft

  • Sell price
  • Select the price at which you want to sell, if you will this in, take profit will be filled in automatically and vise-versa

  • Trailing buy
  • Select the trailing buy percentage (Read more about Trailing stop buy)

  • Total price
  • The total price that will be paid for the position

cryptohopper manual buy widget

The stats page

Note that this is a papertrading hopper, so these amounts do not reflect any real users portfolio.

In the stats page, your hopper will show a couple of things

  • Current assets in a graph
  • Most traded coins
  • Average profit made (swipe in the top bar)
  • Basecurrency invested and returns
  • Allocation of your funds
  • Profits based on ..
the apps statistic page

The output

the output logs everything that is happening to the hopper. From a successful trade made, to an error with the exchange. Everything that your hopper is up to can be found here

If you want to troubleshoot why your hopper isn't working properly, the output is a great place to start. Please check out the (Common errors and troubleshooting documentation)

the output log of the cryptohopper app

The "more" section

Under the more section is a boatload of additional settings and tweaks, that we do not use every day.

  • Change hopper
  • In here you can change your active hopper

  • Configuration
  • In here you can configure your entire hopper, in the same way as you would on the homepage

  • User profile
  • In here you can alter your user profile, Name, e-mail, region ETC

  • Authentication
  • In here you can dictate wether the hopper should re-authenticate after each app-restart

  • Change Language
  • Change the language of the entire app!

  • Terms and Conditions
  • If you want to read through the terms, this is the place for you

  • Privacy policy
  • If you want to read through the privacy policy, this is the place for you

  • Found a bug
  • Encountered a bug? Please submit it here so our development team can go over it and make the app better for everyone!

  • Logout
  • Log-out of the app. This does NOT Disable the hoppers

the more tab in the cryptohopper app