Account settings

On the left bottom of your Cryptohopper menu, you will find the header 'user settings', where you are able to check your user profile and adjust your settings if desired.

Edit profile

In these settings, you are able to add/adjust most of your information. You are unable to adjust your username. Only the systems department of Cryptohopper is able to adjust this for you. Since the cryptocurrency market is intended to stay as anonymous as possible, we like to provide the same for you. The only required fields are a name and email address. All other details are optional. 

Change the password

In the password area on the 'edit profile' page, you can enter a new password to change your current password. We recommend changing this every 90 days. Notice that you are required to enter a password with at least one capital letter, one number, and one special sign. For example; CryptohopperRocks2018! Note: We do not actually use this password for our admin account. No need to try.

We strongly recommend you to use two-factor authentication for both your Hopper and the exchange your using to trade.

If you do not have access to your two-factor authentication device you can use any of the stated passwords ('one-time emergency passwords') instead of a regular security code. Each one of these emergency passwords is immediately destroyed upon use. We recommend printing these passwords out and keeping the printout in a safe and accessible location, for example, your wallet or a safety deposit box.

Do not forget to save all your changes!

Two-factor authentication

This feature allows you to use Google Authenticator, or a compatible application such as FreeOTP, for two-factor authentication. In addition to your username and password, you will also need to provide a six-digit security code to be able to login to this site. The security code is rotated every 30 seconds.

This feature allows you to use a YubiKey secure hardware token for two-factor authentication. In addition to your username and password you will also need to insert your YubiKey into your computer's USB port, select inside the Secret Key area of the site's login area and touch YubiKey's gold disk. The secret code generated by your YubiKey is unique to your device and changes constantly.

This provides extra protection against hackers logging in to your account even if they were able to get hold of your password.

Email settings

On the right side of your 'edit profile' page, you are able to adjust the settings for your emails. Trades, errors, canceled orders, login notifications, subscription expiration, and newsletter email can all be enabled. These are disabled when you create your Hopper since we respect privacy and not everyone appreciates receiving emails about these details.

Beta Features

When using beta features please remember there might be bugs. If you find any, please send us a support ticket!

Other settings

We recommend everyone to set the timezone right so your Hopper is able to show you the right times for orders and trades. For now, the only language for your Hopper is English. Spanish, Dutch and French will most likely be added in the near future. The locale settings are set automatically to English but could be adjusted to your native setting, based on your time zone. This setting will give you time and date logs like you are used to. For example; mm:dd:yyyy instead of dd:mm:yyyy displaying. This documentation will be only in English for now.

Charts shown in the Hopper are set as default. Which means it will show you the chart coming through from the exchange you have set. TradingView is another chart provider which you are able to select as well.

Account advisor

The account advisor gives you advise on how your Hopper could function at its best. Try to complete and comply with all requests the advisor gives you and it will make your Hopping experience a lot smoother.