After loads of requests, we have finally added Trailing stop-buy and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).Our hoppers have sent us countless requests and messages regarding these features. So we decided to put TSB and DCA to the test

Good news! We have added trailing stop-buy and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to Cryptohopper. With trailing stop-buy you can trail the trends downwards before your hopper places a buy order. DCA or Dollar Cost Averaging (Martingale) is a new feature which can help you get rid of your bags, but also has some more risks involved. You could end up spending more than you want on a single currency to get rid of any bags.

You can configure trailing stop-buy and DCA now in your hoppers, or create a manual buy with trailing stop-buy from the dashboard, or create a manual DCA order for selected positions from the bulk actions menu.

Happy Hopping!

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