As per the Elliott Wave analysis, the Coin (CRO) shows an impulsive price structure that calls for higher prices.

CRO has gained more than 57% in the past 7 days, breaking above the mid figure $0.50. CRO is now looking ahead to eye another significant milestone – the $1.00 mark.

Elliott Wave Analysis

The Elliott Wave analysis suggests that the rally from the 3 November low can unfold as a 5 impulsive wave structure. Up from 3 November low, wave 1 ended at the $0.42 high. Then, the coin extended lower in wave 2 towards the $0.31 low, and from there, it bounced higher in wave 3, which is currently still in progress.

Wave 3 can be broken down into 5 sub-waves, but the move towards the current high of $0.69 only unfolded in 3 waves. Wave 4 seems in progress now, which should end above the support level of $0.42. From there, we would need one more leg higher to hopefully complete wave 3 of a higher degree. Once this is completed, there is still more upside to come in wave 4 and wave 5 to fully complete the entire 5 wave sequence.