Bitcoin (BTC) has headed into record-high prices, but the upside potential is only at an early stage of the next jump. According to a pattern not seen since November 2020, BTC's price should experience a bull run that can add a further 221% from the current price.

ROC Bullish Signal

The Rate of Change (ROC) is a momentum technical indicator that measures the trend's strength and when the momentum shift occurs in the market. Typically, ROC readings above the 30 level signal the start of a bullish trend.

The last time BTC price broke above the 30 level was back at the beginning of November 2020. Back then, one Bitcoin was only worth $13,771, but ROC breaking above the 30 level has triggered an explosive move that has sent Bitcoin's price towards $64,899. This was a gain of approximately 306% in 23 weeks.

This is what Bitcoin's price behaved when ROC broke above the 30 levels in the past 4 years:

  1. July 2017 BTC gained almost 390% in 18 weeks
  2. April 2019 BTC gained more than 159% in 12 weeks
  3. May 2020 BTC price gained over 29% in 14 weeks
  4. November 2020 BTC price gained over 306% in 23 weeks

Based on this, BTC has gained 221% on average when the ROC broke above the 30 level. So if Bitcoin's price gains 221% during this bullish run, it means we would see $143k as the top.